How Now! Brown Cow?

Who, what, when and where - optimizing human assets to meet the New EDU Normal.


Sigma Six for School Districts

Unwind, rewind and establish effective personnel paradigms.

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Sigma Six

Until it's mapped, visualizing interactivities between stakeholders is only guesswork. From students to teachers to parents to agencies, KNOW the who, the what, the where and the when of every iterative act; then tool every dynamic element to deliver success!


Self-Served Metadata Data Operations

Searched Youtube or other public created content lately? We write, build and implement self-authored metadata platforms that allow for pinpoint electronic asset retrieval. Accurate asset exposure means dramatic uptick in hits, efficient retrieval means effective use of assets. And if you are monetizing...


Self-Learning Classics

From Shakespeare to Orwell to Harper Lee, our collection of self-guided classics allow students to read, learn vocabulary, targeted concepts and quiz-to-pass, all online. Completion reports allow educators to immediately pinpoint areas of deficiency allowing targeted remediation when necessary.


About the K12 Resource Group

Like you, we are navigating the new paradigm of COVID-19. Time to get serious about managing data-flow's impact on your stakeholders.

How Now Brown Cow?
We believe that we must not lose sight of what our goals were before 2020. The changes are broad, discomfiting and sketchy at best. We could downgrade our needs, downgrade our goals or we can meet the new challenges of delivering established (well-earned and learned) goals with applied intelligence. The tools have always been there, it is time to apply tools like Sigma Six, auto-scaffolding materials and comprehensive metadata integration in e-media.

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